Monday, January 15, 2007

Which UK law is most in need of reform?

There is an interesting article in The Times online today, where members of their law panel nominate the area of law they consider to be most in need of reform.

I like the answer given by Professor Adrian Briggs, who suggests that law which affects ordinary people should be written in a language which is easy for them to understand. This is also reflected in the response of Andrew Arden QC who says that some legislation almost looks as if it were deliberately designed to be unintelligible to those whom it most affects, citing the Housing Benefit Regulations as an example.

I would add that if the Law Commission has spent a considerable amount of time working on a much needed piece of legal reform, for example the Renting Homes Bill, carrying out huge amounts of public consultation, it seems madness not to use it. But maybe it will be included in the next Queens Speech.

What piece of legislation do you think is most in need of reform?

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