Thursday, January 11, 2007

Five things

To those who do not know, there is this sort of tag thing going around, I do not know where it came from, but UK legal bloggers are all tagging each other to tell 5 things about themselves that others don’t know about, and then tag 5 other bloggers. I have been tagged by two sites, Impact and Family law.

I don’t mind telling 5 things about myself you probably didn’t know, if you don’t mind reading them. Here goes:

1. In the late 1980s I took a year out to travel and spent about 7 months in Mexico. I learnt Spanish and stayed on a farm and had a great time. I have forgotten a lot of the Spanish but I expect I could get it back if I tried (although my language ability is about moron level, I learned at about half the speed of everyone else).

2. I originally studied geography (at Hull University) – at that time I no more thought that I would end up a lawyer than go to the moon (law students were sad people who spent most of their time on the second floor of the Brynmor Jones library). I am still interested in environmental matters, as you can see from much of this blog

3. After Hull, I went for teacher training, but gave it up after teaching practice, as the prospect of spending the rest of my life trying to teach 15 year olds who did not want to learn geography, was to awful to contemplate. Best decision of my life (almost).

4. I don't like potatoes. This means that a fish and chip supper is a bit of an unbalanced meal for me. Everyone always assumes that everyone likes potatoes as a matter of course.

5. I don’t drive. When I was young I couldn’t afford it. Now I’m older I am too scared to learn. Its not a real problem though. What you have never had you don’t miss, and it is of course better for the planet. Besides, my husband is a much better driver than I could ever be.

The second stage of the tagging exercise is a bit of a problem as I think most of the bloggers I know of have already been tagged. Still here goes. Corporate blawg, Legal spy, Terminological Inexactitudes, Head of Legal, and the Criminal Solicitor. All good blogs.

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Head of Legal said...

Sorry for having responded a bit miserably, Tessa. I'm a bit afraid things like that will send me off topic. But thanks!

legalspy said...

Hi Tessa

Youre way ahead of me with this tagging business

Its a bit like playground tig only for adults - and without the playground.

If only I had 5 online friends to tag! Like the "5 things you didnt know about me" bit though. Will have a go at that at least.

Thanks for the tag