Friday, January 12, 2007

Legal Professional Training Ltd

A new year, a new business venture. This year it is a new training company called Legal Professional Training Ltd, "LPT" for short.

LPT has been some time in the making. I and several others were to do some lecturing last year for a training company which then went under. We were a bit upset about losing the potential earnings, and some of us decided to go it on our own. Eventually LPT was formed. Basically it consists of me, Martin Iller, Deputy District Judge, author and solicitor, Diana Iller (yes, former wife but a long time ago – they are still speaking) solicitor, and Director of Postgraduate Studies at Thames Valley University, and my husband Graeme, employment specialist and a former trade union man. Martin and I are going to do the housing courses and Diana and Graeme do the employment/discrimination stuff. I think we will all make a good team.

If we can battle our way through the paperwork that is. We incorporated on 4 December 2006. Jordans did that – they were very efficient and helpful, no problems there. The problems are mainly with getting the bank account opened. We all live in different places (well, not Graeme and I, but the others do) so it is a nightmare getting the papers signed plus the bank then went and lost them, so most of it has to be done again. And until we have a bank account we cannot really register for VAT or do anything else much. So as I have some courses I want to start advertising, they are being run technically as Landlord-Law courses ‘in association’ with LPT for the time being. Hopefully we will not have to do this for too long.

So what sort of courses will we do and how will they be run? Well for the online training we are using an open source course management software called ‘Moodle’. I had never heard of it before Martin mentioned it but it is really good. Apparently Open University use it and lots of schools and colleges. We now have a moodle training site and I have done a fair bit of training on how to create the courses.

We also want to do some traditional face to face training, and will be looking to develop courses and such over the year. We will also do in house stuff if people want it.

So there you are. I spent much of the Christmas period creating two moodle courses (in between cooking turkey and watching Dr Who DVDs with my offspring) one of which is ready to roll and the other is scheduled to run for four weeks from the end of March.

The main course in March is on tenancy agreements – so many people fail to understand the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 or even realise that they exist. I saw a tenancy agreement provided by some landlord software only the other day which was way out of date and wide open to successful defences by tenants against possession claims (e.g. for rent) during the fixed term. More courses are to follow, on contracts of employment and discrimination law, just as soon as the employment team can find time to create them.

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