Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Snippets from the Property Investor News

Reading (rather late) the October issue of Property Investor News, I came across these interesting snippets of news:

Apparently a survey by insurance firm Direct Line for Business has thrown up the fact that many landlords are cancelling their insurance policies 'to save money'. Presumably these are people who are signed up to their own insurance schemes (otherwise how would they know)? I could not find any mention of this on their web-site, however I did note that their landlord insurance does not cover lettings to students.

Maintenance insurance for agents
Another one on insurance. Apparently many letting agents are carrying out maintenance work on rented properties without being properly insured. Agents are warned to watch out for this and not do any maintenance work unless they are sure they are covered. Apparently many office policies for letting agents exclude cover for this, meaning that agents won't even be covered for changing a light bulb. You are warned!

Student stereotypes
Finally research by Rookwool shows that actually students are not as rowdy as everyone thinks, as there is only one complaint made for every 557 students. Many student are actually more concerned with studying hard and getting a good degree, "and arguably may have more to fear from the noise generated by the rest of the town".

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