Thursday, November 12, 2009

New developments on Landlord Law

Several things I have been planning for a while will come to fruition shortly.

The Newsletter
The Landlord Law newsletter is an important part of my service. However, the newsletter mailer I have been using almost since we started in 2001, is now a bit old and clunky. I am therefore changing to using a professional company, Constant Contact. My web designer Gill and I have been working on the new template, which looks great!

However the new service requires the database to be re-created. The annual members list will be uploaded, so annual Landlord Law members don't need to do anything. However I do need all those on my free newsletter list to sign up again, which you can do here. The first of the new newsletters will be sent out later today (12 November) so if you want to receive it you should sign up now!

However all is not lost if you read this too late, as you will be able to read the most recent newsletter on the site (something else I have wanted to do for a while). I will be putting a link to todays newsletter on the site shortly.

A new blog
My web designer and I are also working on a new blog design, which should go live in a week or so. At that time the blog url will change (as we are coming off blogger) so watch this space, as you will need to amend any links you may have. However my feedburner feed url should not change.

If you receive the new newsletter today, let me know what you think.

[Later - the mailing went out all right, you can see the new newsletter here.]

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