Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raising the rent a room tax rebate

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The National Landlords Association (NLA) and are both calling for the rent a room tax scheme tax threshold to be increased. It has been £4,200 since 1997 and since then prices have risen considerably. To quote the NLA:

"The NLA supports the Raise the Roof campaign's call for the Rent-a-Room threshold to be increased to £9,000 pa. The scheme threshold has not changed since 1997, while the average single room rent has increased by more than 75%. This has resulted in the majority of landlords who let a room being required to complete a tax return removing much of the benefit of the scheme. At a time when household finances are becoming increasingly stretched, and there is an ever greater need for affordable housing, the Government should do all it can to incentivise potential landlords to let a room."
The story has now been picked up by the Independent who have reported it here. You can read more about the campaign, and sign the petition here.

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