Thursday, September 24, 2009

Plumbing problem

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My Mother belonged to one of those schemes, where you make regular payments, and that is supposed cover callout charges for plumbers etc.

Last week she had an urgent plumbing problem. She duly rang the help line but after punching a series of numbers into her phone, was eventually told that no-one was available to take her call and that she should ring back. She did, but had the same problem. Needing to get the repairs done quickly, she contacted a plumber herself and the work got done.

However when she tried to get the money back, she was told this was not possible. For her to claim, the work needs to be done through the company and by one of their plumbers.

Needless to say, she has now cancelled her subscription.

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Stuart Bailey said...

isn't there a case for breach of contract?

regards Stuart Bailey

NetPlumb said...

Good for her. It is better just to get a local honest plumber when you have a problem.