Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long term tenants in Norwich

As a solicitor I see a lot of problem tenants and find myself writing a lot about problem situations, so it is nice to do a post about a tenancy, reported here on Norwich Evening News 24 website, which has been 100% successful. Doris and Jack Goodson have been tenants of their home in St Lawrence Street, off Pottergare, since 1967 and they have loved every minute of it.

Mr Goodson: “We've been ever so happy in this house. I wish we could take 40 years off so I can have another 40 years in the house. We have lovely neighbours and we all get on really well together."

The pair are the longest-standing tenants of Norwich Housing Society, who are this week celebrating their 75th anniversary.

Maybe if you choose the right tenant, you too could have no voids for 42 years!

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