Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Two talks - a day in London

Had a reasonably pleasant day in London today, although I never enjoy rising at 5.00 am. I also had the embarrassment of having to ask the taxi man to return twice, once for my watch and the second time for my railway ticket (!). Still he was a cheery chap and didn’t seem to mind too much.

The scenery on the train down was rather beautiful, especially the bit between Ipswich and Manningtree - creeks and rivers under a haze of low lying mist and snow, with the sun just rising above. Lovely.

Arriving in London, I walked, as usual, to my lecturing venue, which was by the Pru building on Holborn. Just the thing to wake you up, and I dislike traveling by underground. I don't go to London that much so it is nice to see it - it was positively sparkling in the sunlight today. And St Pauls must be the most beautiful thing in the City - I took a picture of it just for you!

Of course after rising at 5.00, a two hour train journey, and a walk across half London, what you really need is bacon, fried eggs and a cup of tea - a nearby greek cafe obliged for a very modest £3.50.

The CLT talk went more or less as normal. I have been speaking at this particular conference for several years now, and it is always nice to see the other speakers again.

However the Legal IT Show was a bit of a damp squib. Not that many people present and hardly anyone at my talk. I suspect the recent snow had something to do with it. Never mind, thats life! I attended a couple of the other talks which were very interesting and had a look at some of the stands.

But it is really nice to be back home again! There’s no place like it. A quiet day tomorrow I think.

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Nick Holmes said...

Tessa - It's not the snow, it's the recession. No IT spend for now thanks, so they all stay away. I get that no-one wants to talk to a salesman now, but they should have attended talks like yours - how else are they going to come out the other side with a viable practice?