Friday, February 27, 2009

Talk to CNS

I did a talk to the sixth form at my son's school today, CNS (City of Norwich School). The main points I wanted to get over were that they should be careful about rushing into renting a property, and that they should be careful who they choose to rent with. And of course that they have rights and should take advice if they are worried about something.

Some of them seemed to be listening although there was the inevitable undercurrent of muttering and rustling at the back (it was a large roomful). There was one intelligent question and a boy at the front taking notes, so hopefully some of the points will stick with them at least. And really that is all that is needed. To hear something and have it at the back of your mind, so that if one day you have a problem, you will think 'Didn't that woman who spoke to us at school say something about that? Lets look it up.'

It is an exciting time of life, your last year at school, with all of your life in the 'real world' ahead of you. If you were there, I do wish you all the very best.

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