Friday, October 23, 2009

Summary of posts on the Foxtons case

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I wrote several posts on the Office of Fair Trading v. Foxtons case in July. As I find I am having to refer to these quite a lot in advice to clients, I have decided it would be helpful to have one page with links to them all.

OFT Victory in Foxtons unfair contract terms case.
This is my initial report on the case, and explains the judgment.

The OFT v. Foxton case - commission on renewals
This item looks specifically at what the judgment says on the question of commision on renewals, with reference to the status of these clauses now, and quotes extensively from the wording of the Judgement.

Letting agents - instead of renewal fees
This post discusses what some dishonest agents are doing to replace the renewal commission they are losing, and discusses also the 'fiduciary duties' of agents (which seem to have been forgotten by many agents).

Advice for landlords seeking to recover commisison post OFT v. Foxtons
This post gives some guidance to landlords on what they can do now (ie as at July 2009 to the date of this post) if they think they may have a claim against their agents as a result of the Foxtons case.

If you want me to advise on your specific circumstances, please see here for details of my advice services. Note however that I only do limited case work nowadays so I am not able to issue proceedings or act on your behalf in any court claim you may wish to bring against your agents.

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