Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tessa’s Travels – writings on Wordpress

Some of you may have noticed that from time to time I go ‘off topic’. This is because I like writing and do not always want to confine myself to strictly legal matters. However I have decided to hive off some of my more creative writing into a new site, which I have called Tessa’s Travels. This will contain all my writings about trips, holidays and visits to places interesting.

I decided to try a new blog platform for the new blog and have used Wordpress. This is fairly easy to use (particuarly if you have used Blogger before) and there are some very nice templates. I have used ‘Connections’ by Patricia Miller. This allows me to customise the header and has a nice (albeit fairly limited) collection of widgets.

So far using Wordpress seems to be pretty similar to Blogger but I must say that I am impressed with the Wordpress facilities for updating pictures (or media as they call it). I can decide where to put the pictures in the post (in Blogger I have to manualy move them), and there is a facility for me to put a caption and description. I have been putting cropped versions of my digital pictures into my blog for years, but the facilities offered by Wordpress allow me to make them more of a feature in the blog post. Which is very relevant for a travel blog! Although when I say travel, I suspect that most of our wanderings will be in Norfolk for the time being.

So from now on all travel type posts will be on Tessa’s Travels. However I still reserve the right to go off topic here in other respects. This is after all, my blog!

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