Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How safe are you from serious flooding??

I was fascinated to see this map indicating which areas will be flooded if the sea rises, showing the incremental increase in land loss at different levels of sea rise (obtained via a report on The Times web-site). The grey areas show the predicted flooded areas according to the flood level selected by a drop down list at the top left.

As I expect you will now do, I immediately checked our street and was relieved to see that even at 14m sea rise we appear to be safe - maybe we can leave purchasing that cottage in the peak district for a bit longer.

Large areas in (as you would expect) the Fens are due to go however (always assuming the sea does in fact rise) together with much of the coast and a large area centered on Goole in the north.

I suspect that insurance for flood damage in the grey areas will soon become prohibitively expensive. If you are considering moving house or buying investment property - read this map carefully!

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