Friday, May 05, 2006

Why not tell the Law Commission what you think about the courts?

Further to my earlier post on tbe Law Commission's issues paper and consultation on housing dispute resolution, I have now placed an answerform online to allow members of the public to respond easily.

So rather than having to read a ginormous paper, and then painfully draft your anwers with paper and pen, all you need to do it go to, and read and answer the form online. If you want to check what the issues paper says about one of the questions, the form helpfully gives the relevant section numbers so you can look it up. Needless to say you will find the issues paper online both on my web-site and on the Law Commission's web-site.

If you are at all unhappy about the way housing disputes are currently dealt with in this country, do use the form and let your views be known. The Law Commission cannot take you views into account if they do not know what they are. This is democrary in action - use it!

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