Friday, May 19, 2006

More trouble for ASBO landlord

I have received in the post a copy of an article about ASBO landlord Steven Dickens, mentioned in my earlier post, who it appears is in more trouble. Fresh charges are mentioned in the article, which all appear to involve obtaining property by deception from the Department of Work and Pensions and the Conwy Council Borough Council. The sum mentioned is £45,931.48.

It looks like a family business as his parents and partner are to be charged also.

Mr Dickens asked the court if he could have his passport back (handed to police as part of his bail conditions) so he could have a family holiday abroad, but this was refused.

The full trial is due to be heard next year. No doubt I will be kept informed by my Welsh correspondent, to which many thanks.

In the meantime, from another online article here it looks as if Mr Dickens (or rather his court appointed receiver) is selling his property stock. Sale proceeds are in the region of two million pounds, which will be nice for Mr Dickens' creditors. No doubt the DWP and Conwy Council will be looking to the sale proceeds for recompense, should the claims against Dickens be proved.

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