Monday, June 01, 2009

The Law Bazaar

If you are looking for a lawyer, there is a new option available now. This is the Law Bazaar (reported by the Guardian here). Set up by solicitor Costas Andrea, fed up with the huge sums made by claims companies just for referring work to solicitors, this allows clients and lawyers to make contact direct.

Lawyers and clients (from any country - it is an international site) can both register on the site free of charge. Both appear as anonymous, although lawyers are rated on the basis of client feedback. Clients can load up details of their case and then lawyers and client can discuss the case before the client chooses a firm to act. At that stage the lawyer pays a modest fee to the site (£50 or £150 for PI cases).

As it is free of charge, all lawyers should register. There is nothing to lose and they may gain some lucrative work.

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