Thursday, April 30, 2009

Power down plugs

Our son brought back a number of E-on power down plugs the other day from school, and tonight I decided to fit one to my computer It was not nearly as simple as it appears on the box, in fact it was rather a difficult job.

After bits of my computer got burnt out by a lightining strike a few years ago (I was lucky not to lose my hard drive) I now put everything, including telephone lines, through a big surge protector. So the power down plug has to go into this, with adaptors plugged into the side of it with all the peripherals.

But then there are a number of things which I don't want to power down when I switch the computer off. The telephone answer machine for one. Then I don't want the broadband to go off otherwise I can't use the laptop via our Wi Fi.

So there I was with a torch, groveling on the floor under the desk, trying to work out what all the plugs are. Its a real cats cradle down there. I have tried to sort it out, honest, but its just impossible. Some of the plugs have labels on so I know what they are, but not all, so then you have to follow the flex through the jumble to find out what it is ...

I think I have it sorted now, and I have labelled a few more of the plugs. We are on course to save the planet and get a few pounds off our electricity bill (every little helps).

I suppose I am going to have to deal with the TV system next...

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