Thursday, April 30, 2009

Landlord registration scheme in Scotland not working, says Shelter

According to a report on the Shelter Scotland web-site, one in four rented properties in Scotland is not covered by the Scottish registration scheme, which came into force three years ago today.

It is not all bad news. The report says that the registration scheme has been an impetus to set up landlord training and advice services. However it is of concern that a quarter of Scottish properties still appear to be outside the scheme.

The Shelter report has a number of recommendations, which include more money to Local Authorities and a campaign to raise awareness.

Although we do not have a registration scheme as such in England and Wales, this was recommended by the Rugg Report which was published last year. However this may be kicked into the long grass now, if ministers that the view that results from the Scottish scheme show that more funding will be required than was originally anticipated. Particularly in view of the current financial crisis.

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