Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Landlord Licensing - tell the government your views!

The Government recently published their response to the Rugg Review, which was reported by me here. In particular the report proposed mandatory licensing for landlords and regulation for all letting agents. The report is also a consultation.

As before with important consultations, I have prepared an online answerform to allow people to give their views easily.

On my form, I have reproduced the whole of the government paper (less the footnotes and appendix) and have provided form fields in context so you can read the report and write your response there and then. Your answers can then be sent to us easily by clicking the submit button at the end. We will forward them on to the relevant department.

After the end of the consultation period (7 August) I will be preparing a consolidated report of all answers (annonomised) so people can see what the general consensus is.

You will find the online form here.

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