Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The tweetometer

As you will know from my previous posts and from the side bar of this blog, I am a twitterer. One of the twitterers I follow is TweetMinster who tweet about MPs on twitter.

They have now developed this really cool app called a tweetometer. You can see it in my sidebar. Two words go in the two boxes at the top and when you click go it works out which is the most popular on twitter that day.

The example given on the TweetMinster site is Gordon Brown and David Cameron. However you can put anything. I have put as my default, landlord and tenant (although I expect I will change this from time to time). But, you can click into the tweetometer and type your own words. I just checked out Dalek and Cyberman (Dalek won as you would expect).

TweetMinster is also a very good and serious service facilitating communication between MPs and their constituents, and worth checking out.

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