Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twitter twitter, tweet tweet …

I have decided to go on to twitter. For those who don’t know what this is, it is one of those social networking sites from America. You sign up and then every now and then you do a tweet. This is a short statement of what you are doing. Like 'I am having a cup of coffee' or 'I have just put the washing into the machine'. Anyone who is interested can sign up to follow your tweets, and find out what you are tweeting about. And you can sign up to follow other peoples tweets.

Put like that it all sounds a bit silly. But I suppose fun. However, there is a bit of marketing in there (being a bit of an entrepreneur I have to think of marketing, it sort of goes with the job, not that I have a job being self employed …).

For example I have discovered this thing called twitter feed. This puts notes of entries of my blog onto my twitter page. So those following my tweets will know when I have blogged. Then I can (and have, you can see it if you look to the left) put a feed from my twitter page onto my blog. So people following my blog can see what I am twittering about. All pleasingly circular and possibly futile.

I haven’t found anyone to follow yet, apart from Nearly Legal. Being of a slightly more mature generation, none of my friends really do that sort of thing. Or at least I have not found any yet, although it is early days. The Nearly Legal tweets are all feeds from the NL web-site, some of which seem to be reports of my postings on my blog. Which of course I already know about, having done them (and of course they are also reported on my twitter page). More circularity.

So what will I twitter about? I will probably use it to tell the world what I am doing on the Landlord-Law site, what new items have been loaded up and the like. I will probably also tweet about work related things I have done, such as talks, conferences etc. And I will probably from time to time just answer the question on the twitter text box, which is 'What are you doing?'. Which at the moment is writing this blog.

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Tessa said...

I did this posting partly so I could see how the twitter feed would put my blog posting onto my twitter page (and thence back again to my blog). It has added a blog entry, but it seems to be the last one I did (the one with the guest article) not this one on twittering and tweeting! Oh dear. Not sure what has happened there.

Mind you, if you are reading this comment in the future (my future as of now that is, it won't be your future when you are reading it, it will be now) the tweet entry will be different, and could well be this blog entry.

I think perhaps I had better stop writing about twitter.

Nearly Legal said...

I am something of a twitter ghost at present, having started so well, now only blog post (and housing blog post) notifications are up at present. Purely time pressures - I can't afford another distraction. But you will find Charon, John Bolch and others on there and very active (you should be able to see my 'following' list, I think, and find them from there). I will, eventually, maybe, return to active tweeting, a I feel a little guilty.