Sunday, March 05, 2006

Observations on the Observer

Today being Sunday, one of the main activities of the day is reading the Sunday papers. We used to get both the Observer and the Sunday Times, but it was a bit much to read, so as my husband dislikes the Sunday Times it had to be the Observer. Which I like, but don't you think its diminished somewhat since it changed its size?

For a start, it used to have several property pages in the Cash section, but there is now no separate Cash section, just the Business section of which Property is only one page. Then the magazines are smaller, and the whole lot just seems to be so much lighter when I carry it from the front door into the sitting room of a morning. Of course if they really are packing in the same content on less paper then this is good for the environment, but are they? There has, I note, been no commensurate reduction in price.

The most important problem of this new size however is that I can no longer use it for wrapping up the ash from my coal fire in the office, forcing me to develop a new system of using tabloid sized newspaper in a plastic bag.

The Ob does have some excellent content however. For example there was a very interesting article this week, on the increasing importance of the internet. I like articles on the importance of the internet as I run an internet business and therefore have a vested interest in its continuing success. Long may it continue!

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