Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tenancy Deposit Scheme to be set up in Scotland

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It has recently been announced by the Scottish Parliament that a tenancy deposits scheme is going to be set up in Scotland. This has been welcomed by the Scottish National Union of Students, Shelter Scotland and ARLA.

There is also a report on the BBC site where perhaps predictably, there are objections from Scottish Association of Landlords, who say the scheme is not needed and is disproportional to the actual problem. The BBC report points out however that 'evidence from England and Wales suggests that as many as half of disputes over deposits feature unjustified complaints by tenants.'

I cannot see a time scheme in any of the reports so we do not know yet when it is likely to be introduced. I only hope they take a bit more care with drafting the legislation, so as to avoid the problems which have beset the tenancy deposit scheme in England and Wales.

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