Friday, July 31, 2009

Who do you most admire in property?

Perhaps it is a letting agent who (contrary to the bad press which agents often get) has really looked after your properties well and found you great tenants?

Maybe you are a tenant and you think the service provided by your landlord is exceptional?

Or perhaps you know of someone who has achieved something incredible, perhaps overcoming adversity to build up a great property business, or whose service has inspired you and others?

What about your lawyer? Lawyers are generally only used when people are in trouble - has your lawyer really helped you when you needed it, or does he or she run an exceptional service which gives you great support?

Rented properties generally need furnishing. Do you have a supplier with fantastic products at a great price who goes that little bit extra to help his customers?

Or have you been blown away by a service (perhaps an online service) which is really innovative and different?

What about public services? Has your local authority really helped your business, or is there another public service, or person working for a public service, you would like to see recognised?

Why am I asking all these questions? Well, the Landlord & Buy to Let Awards are currently open for nominations. Why not nominate the people or services you thought of when reading the questions above? Even if they don’t win, it will give them no end of a boost to know that someone thinks enough of them to nominate them. And if they win, this could really help their business or career.

Its very easy to nominate someone (and you can nominate as many people or services as you like). Click here (or the Landlord and Buy to Let awards logo on the sidebar) to see information about the awards and a link to the categories. Then click the link to enter someone into the awards. There is then a short online form to fill in, send that off and, bingo! Its done.

You can also nominate your own firm if you like, but its nice to promote someone else. But don't delay too long, as the closing date for entries is 21 August 2009. Why not do it now?

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