Friday, March 30, 2007

Something I said?

The telephone rang just now. "Hallo" said a male voice, "can I speak to your senior partner please, if he's in"

"You can speak to me", I replied, "I'm the sole practitioner"

He put the phone down.

Was it, do you think, because I am female or was it because I am a sole practitioner?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant. Sexism and Solo Discrimination all in one!!

Susan Cartier Liebel, Esq.
Build A Solo Practice, LLC
Newly Minted or Well Seasoned,
Teaching You How To Create and Grow Your Legal Practice

Anonymous said...

I suspect it was a company cold calling legal firms to sell some kind of service, and they have been told to target firms with an excess of a certain number of employees... very rude to just hang up though.

Android said...

I'm writing an essay on a related topic... May I use this quote with your permission, please? :)

Tessa said...

Yes, thats fine. So long as you do not say anything unpleasant about me ...

Android said...

No no! I'm writing a section in my essay about women in legal profession, and how they are marginalised both in terms of gender and status. I think that your quote would be very helpful :) Thank you for letting me use it!