Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fleet heroes

I was delighted to read in the Observer today about the Energy Saving Trusts Fleet Hero awards. Mind you, I can’t find anything about it on the EST site – maybe they have just not got around to loading it up yet.

Still, on to the awards. Good stuff with Gateshead Local Authority increasing their bio fuel usage, and saving 300 tons of carbon dioxide per year and £77,000 in fuel costs by re-organizing the way it uses its fleet (green can often be cheaper!) and training their staff in ecodriving techniques. They were the overall winners. However the report also featured:

  • The Bolton Alternative Fuels Co-operative which converts waste oil from local restaurants to biofuel for their members
  • Goingreen which imports and sells small electric cars
  • City Lawyers Tom Pakenham and Jonny Goldstone who left their jobs to start up eco taxi company greentomatocars
  • Italian taxi company Bioshuttles which not only uses biofuels but also environmentally friendly detergents to wash vehicles, and
  • The South West Regional Development Agency whose own staff devised their green transport policy which has resulted in 20% decrease in mileage
To name but a few. It is very exciting to see such enthusiasm for cutting carbon emissions.

What are you doing?

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