Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More on rogue landlord Dickens

My anonymous correspondent has sent me a further cutting in the story of ASBO landlord Steven Dickens. You can see my previous post here. It seems that the charming Mr Dickens will be facing fraud charges totaling some £7 million. You can read about it in the North Wales Pioneer - do a search on Steven Dickens - the entry is dated 1 August 2006.

However I should assure readers that very few landlords behave in this way. Although it is comforting to know that dishonest landlords are now being prosecuted and brought to book. It is a pity that this did not happen more in the past. Bad landlords are bad news for good landlords as they taint peoples' view of landlords in general.

Meanwhile it will be interesting to see what happens during Mr Dickens trial, whether he gets convicted, and if so, what his sentence will be.

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info said...

Dickens will not and has not been tried for "11 million". It has boiled down to a couple of hundered grand obtained from the banks "fraudulently". The Banks of course are squeaky clean!.
I love the fact that you come from lovely Norwich where your council appears to act like a bannana republic. Pensioners being evicted so that council "workers" can have the accomodation on the cheap? Ring any bells? I seriously think you should keep a closer watch on your council officers(creeps) rather than on private landlords.

Tessa said...

I have read about the Council housing scandel in the papers yes, but there is nothing I can do about it. I just live here you know, I am not a policeman!

I think the Council officer concerned has now been sacked.